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Portability, Robustness and Fast Charging helps Enhance Quality of Primary Education

Whether it's security or technical support, there are many factors to consider with iPad or tablet based learning. As well as this, operational practicality is important to making sure that education is nothing but improved through the use of digital devices. The features of the Multicharge system ensures of a highly efficient and convenient solution to support your infrastructure within schools.

tablet charging school

Batley Grammar, Winkfield C of E, Langton Green plus many more schools have been making the most of digital learning with Multicharge.

Tablet use has been soaring in UK schools over the past decade, it's estimated that 40% of "ICT learning time" is now catered for by educational apps. With well over 2 million tablets in use throughout England's schools, a class full of Apple iPad or tablet users means a lot of charging. So, as well as tangled cables, tottering iPads and a ballooning electricity bill, what other challenges need to be a tackled?

Required aspects include:

Straight-forward, Secure Storage

Can the equipment cope with the everyday knocks and scrapes of the classroom and beyond?


Educational budgets are closely monitored and replacements can be few and far between, is the system going to stand the test of time?

Super-fast Charging

Can devices be charged quickly during break times to ensure of sufficient battery levels throughout the school day?

Hassle-free Syncing/Updates

To ensure all pupils have access to the latest resources, is it possible to synchronise and update all devices at the same time?


Can the equipment be taken away for field trips with minimal fuss, as one complete unit?

A solution that holds its own in the classroom and beyond

Looking after and maintaining expensive equipment is always a challenge, especially in a primary school environment. Aside from super-fast charging and simultaneous syncing, ease-of-access and the ability to move multiple iPads or other handheld devices between classrooms or off-site enhances versatility and learning opportunities.

The requirement for a robust, secure, reliable and practical transportation solution is vital to ensure effective and efficient learning for pupils is consistently achieved.

Multicharge stands the test of time

Our charging cabinets and trolleys incorporate a digital pin code locking system; the case version uses an ultra-durable double-throw latch system with padlocking, preventing any wandering hands from surreptitiously accessing devices.

Charging cases or trolleys have been popular within primary education thanks to their transportability and versatility. The charging case is assembled using a Peli Storm iM2750 case; superior transportability is enabled with a retractable handle and in-line wheels with stainless-steel ball bearings. Its crushproof construction makes it perfect for on the move and away from the classroom.

Multicharge's super-fast charging capability enables up to 32 Apple iPads or tablets to be fully recharged in the same time as it takes an individual device. Simultaneous syncing ensures all connected devices have the same, up-to-date applications and software.

tablet charging case for school


Aims and objectives within primary education is clear and straightforward - to provide the best learning and experiences for pupils. Multicharge ticks all the boxes to support these goals through technology and hardware.

Teachers and support staff are able to store and lock their valuable devices away from pupils when not in use, providing peace of mind and confidence that expensive equipment will last.

The versatility provided by both Multicharge trolleys and cases ensures equipment can be moved between classrooms, providing learning opportunities for all without a repeated expense.

The super-tough protection provided by the charging case allows for a more immersive learning experience away from the classroom, on school trips and enrichment weeks for example.

The Multicharge system ensures of sufficiently charged devices throughout the school day. This is thanks to charging and syncing technologies developed in-house, making sure all pupils have access to the latest learning software available around the clock.

Support for education

The best learning outcomes are always achieved by treating tablets as tools rather than ends in themselves. The three giants of the sector - Apple, Google and Microsoft - offer dedicated support for education, making their products attractive choices for any school.

Some useful links are:

Learning with iPads

Currently in British schools, the Apple iPad and Google Nexus are proving to be two of the most popular choices with an abundance of educational apps available for each. Other devices such as the Microsoft Surface, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy series and Lenovo Think Pad are also being adopted by schools and there are now budget brands from the likes of Tesco snapping at their heels.

IT Administrators:

To read our guide to iPad deployment in schools, click here.

MULTICHARGE iPad Charging Case in School

Trolley or case?

So which should you choose? Trolley or case? This really depends on your needs.


Tablet Charging Trolley

If you expect tablet use to take place primarily in school grounds, it's worth considering a trolley. Tablet trolleys - effectively, wheeled cabinets - are designed for everyday use, transporting multiple tablets from room to room. They are also convenient for overnight storage and will generally house a greater number of tablets than a case. Read more about trolleys...

tablet case

Tablet Charging Case

If there is a chance that you might need to take the tablets with you on field trips or you would like something more compact than a trolley, a sturdy waterproof charging case might be more suitable. Cases generally have a lower tablet capacity - typically holding 8 to 16 tablets - but they more than make up for that by offering superior protection and portability. Cases are still suitable for indoor use of course and, if space is limited, may benefit from being more compact than a trolley. Read more about cases...

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