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Full UK-based
Support Team
No Quibble
3-Year Warranty
Trusted by Apple®,
the NHS & the BBC
Made in Britain

About us

NHS employee and 5 Pupils from a school using tablets next to a Multicharge Swiss Charging Cabinet for 16 iPads & Tablets

Multicharge specialises in products that make multiple charging easier. We are a British company based in Bristol and created by the founders of SAM Cases Limited. With more than 25 years' experience in designing and manufacturing cases and trolleys including custom technology solutions, we have the facilities, the expertise and the passion for creating outstanding products that exceed our customers' expectations.

As USB-chargeable devices become ever more prevalent in businesses and public sector organisations, the need for managing and protecting them all becomes more important. That's where we come in. From robust cases, trolleys, cabinets and standalone charging stations to bespoke charging and storage solutions, our product range offers intelligent charging and syncing along with convenient transportation and secure storage.

We take pride in being one of the few such companies that manufactures all of our parts in the UK rather than just shipping in cheap parts from overseas. We know that you expect your products to last, so everything is designed with this in mind including free firmware upgrades to ensure that the technology you buy is kept up-to-date. That's why, together with achieving CE certification, we can offer uncompromised guarantees including a three year warranty and first class support.

It's also why we're trusted by so many businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. Our customers include schools and colleges, healthcare providers, the MoD, SMEs and top high street brands including names like Apple who chose us to supply their sales and training teams worldwide. But we don't rest on our laurels. The pace of technology means that we're constantly looking to refine our products and better what we do. Listening to customers is an important part of that.

We don't just create the products you see on this site. We design and build entirely bespoke solutions too, whether it's a case, a trolley, a freestanding locker, a cupboard, a cabinet, a cart, a rack, something built into a wall or incorporated into another piece of kit. As well as offering solutions to charge multiple iPads, we also design products for different makes of tablet (with or without covers) and different types of USB-chargeable device altogether such as cameras, bardcode scanners, phones and more. Whatever your requirements, let us know in the form or call 01275 858 477 - we'd love to hear from you.

Made in Britain