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Versatility, reliability and transportability are key within the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a complex, fast-paced and innovation dependent sector that requires advanced equipment to do the job. Unsurprisingly, data management and analytics is probably the most substantial contributor to high-speed development - looking after and maintaining devices that provide this is vital. Whether it's within the engineering department or at the end of the journey in the showroom, automotive companies rely heavily on tech interfaces to operate efficiently.

tablet charging automotive

Automotive leaders Bentley Motors and Nissan take advantage of Multicharge to help maintain their fast-paced development

Keeping track of milestones in development, as well as every important technical detail is a complicated and lengthy process. Bentley and Nissan required a charging system that helped streamline their development operations whilst fitting into an engineering environment that faces daily practical and logistical challenges.

Required aspects included:


Is the equipment capable of withstanding the heavy duty tasks that involve tooling? The high probability of knocks and bumps makes this an essential feature.

Intuitive Processes

Are personnel able to easily get to grips with the new technology? Can the charging status of each tablet be identified quickly at a glance?

Easy Transportation

Will the equipment provide the versatility to be able to move to a location where the technology is most needed?

Wipe-clean Materials

An engineering environment is always exposed to chemicals and other substances. Can the technology cope with these foreign substances and maintain cleanliness with ease?

Efficiency that meets Demand

Does the technology enable the workforce to operate without interruption? Multicharge units can charge up to 32 tablets as quickly as just one, streamlining your operational efficiencies.

Pinpointing the Keys to Success

The fundamental aim for engineering staff is to ensure all operations can work like clockwork consistently. Due to the nature of the environment, a charging solution that is robust has always been a vital requirement. Being subject to knocks and scrapes, engineering teams need peace of mind that their Apple iPads and other portable devices are safe from being damaged when not in use.

The high staffing levels required to run an automotive organisation creates the vulnerability of issues when training is required, especially with new equipment. As with all sectors with high staffing levels, intuitive interaction and usability is a key requirement to ensure all personnel can use equipment with minimal training.

"We produced a case detailing the benefits of security, accessibility and cost savings of Phones being always charged so time is saved. Knowing where the phones are is important as we have a booking in & out system, Multicharge has definitely helped with this"

Ian Nulty - Technical Officer Nissan Technical Centre

Leading the way with Multicharge

Due to its durability, wipe-clean surfaces, transportable configuration and space-saving efficiency, Multicharge Swiss-Series Trolleys have become the solution of choice for many automotive and engineering departments. Its lightweight yet durable construction has produced a sturdy solution that can withstand the test of time within an engineering environment, whilst its wipe-clean coating allows your department to remain clinical.

Simplistic communication of charge status has been achieved thanks to designated LEDs that indicate the charge status of each individual device. Personnel can quickly glance at the charging unit and know which device is best to use, preventing batteries running out of charge whilst in use. The intuitive lighting within the Multicharge system ensures of minimal training and maintains department efficiency around the clock. Furthermore, the Multicharge system can detect the charging profile of each connected device, meaning it is capable of charging 32 iPads or tablets at the same speed as 1, making sure you're never without equipment.

Operational efficiency can be further enhanced with Multicharge units due to their lightweight construction and smooth-running castor wheels. Enabling the possibility to move Multicharge units to departments or areas that need them most, you can be sure your technology is being most effectively used.

tablet charging trolley for universities


Automotive leaders will always be looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, it's in the nature of the industry. The overall configuration of Multicharge units make them the perfect fit for an automotive environment.

Staff are able to get to grips with the new equipment quickly and independently thanks to intuitive LED lighting, saving valuable training resources. The lightweight construction of the Multicharge Trolleys allows for hassle-free transportation, enabling staff to move infrastructure to where it's most needed. Multicharge products have been developed with maintenance in mind, its robust and wipe clean properties ensure it can be kept up together and tidy in a clinical environment.

The technology incorporated into Multicharge ensures of the most efficient charging capabilities on the market for Apple iPads and other portable devices.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast charging for around-the-clock uptime
  • Effortlessly transportable
  • Lockable and pin-coded for security
  • Wipe clean surfaces for hygiene
  • Compliant with UK safety standards
  • Easy access to each device - see when they are charged
  • Simple set-up with cable management
  • Energy efficient
  • We can tailor products to meet specific needs

multicharge charging trolley


  • Easily transport your iPads from one room to another
  • Store and charge up to 32 tablets in one unit
  • Choose from different styles and colours

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charging cabinet


  • Compact unit, ideal for confined spaces
  • Can be placed on the desktop or wall mounted
  • Available in a choice of colours and finishes

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