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Some of the world's leading corporations are utilising Multicharge in the UK and beyond

The world of business is complex and fast-paced - it requires structure, organisation, effective communications and excellent supporting infrastructure. If a link in the chain breaks, from missing business opportunities to loss of revenue, the knock-on effects can be devastating.

multicharge corporate tablet charging

Google, Bloomberg and Apple to name a few, use Multicharge

Businesses with high employee numbers all intercommunicating, it's expected to have all the information and data required at the touch of a button. However, with these relentless demands and expectations of portable devices and the 'go-to' Apple iPad ever growing, maintenance, security and reliability is becoming more difficult to manage. These elements come in many different forms, with the main consideration being to ensure that staff can continuously work productively around the clock without interruption.

Corporation's IT teams came to conclusion that the most important features that provide a solution are:

Protective Storage/Security


Intuitive Operation

Technical Support/Warranty

Keeping offices running around the clock, no matter the size

Maintaining and keeping on top of IT infrastructure within big business, especially within multinational organisations, has always been a complicated and strenuous task; ensuring staff can remain consistently productive is the sole objective of any IT team.

Providing staff with the tools to operate equipment intuitively promotes independence, safe and secure device storage ensures reliable accessibility, whilst minimal device charging time enables around the clock usage, resulting in a more efficient and effectively communicating working environment. IT teams were looking for a solution to cover these areas and approached Multicharge to provide the answer.

Multicharge ticks all the boxes in the office

Multinational corporations around the globe have recognised the benefits of the Multicharge Swiss-Series Charging Trolleys.

The hardware and technology embedded into the Multicharge system provides fast, safe recharging of all kinds of portable devices, including the Apple iPad, for staff to work as effectively as possible.

High levels of personnel, staff, clients and guests alike open up the potential for security issues. Digital pin code locking systems on Multicharge units prevent wandering devices, ensuring staff always have the tools they need on hand.

Intuitive and quick to recognise LED indicators communicate the charging status of each individual device at the smallest glance. No longer do staff find themselves wasting time with IT equipment or asking for assistance from IT teams, ensuring they can quickly carry out their day to day tasks.

corporate tablet charging


Keeping a bustling office that communicates on an international level up together is no easy task for IT teams; the Multicharge 3-year warranty and excellent technical support ensures that maintenance teams are never on their own. These key elements of the Multicharge package ensures of confidence and efficient recovery if required is always at the other end of the phone.

Directors, senior management and leadership teams are always looking to promote employee independence and prevent unnecessary micro-management. Intuitive interaction and hardware that charges devices quickly enables vast sized teams to get the most out of their working periods with minimal reliance on other teams and individuals.

Large office spaces can make sure devices are safe and secure around the clock when not in use, thanks to the digital code locking system. This prevents theft, maintaining cost efficiency of portable devices or iPads in the long-term.

Key Benefits:

  • Wipe clean surfaces for hygiene
  • Lockable for security
  • Rigorously tested to comply with UK safety standards
  • Easy access to each device - see when they are charged
  • Simple set-up with cable management
  • Energy efficient
  • We can tailor products to meet specific needs

multicharge nhs hospital charging trolley


  • Easily transport your iPads from one room to another
  • Store and charge up to 32 tablets in one unit
  • Choose from different styles and colours

View our trolley range »

charging cabinet


  • Compact unit, ideal for confined spaces such as reception and dining areas
  • Can be placed on the desktop or wall mounted
  • Available in a choice of colours and finishes

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