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Streamlined and Secure Hospital Tech Solutions from Multicharge

It's no secret that healthcare services, especially hospitals and their staff are stretched to keep up with the everyday demands of maintaining patient information and a high level of care. The use of cloud solutions across many sectors has now been recognised as the way forwards, and hospitals are no exception.

multicharge hospital nhs tablet charging healthcare

Musgrove Park, Southmead and Torbay Hospitals chose Multicharge

Where pen and paper is no longer practical, management teams are turning to Apple iPads and other tablet computers that save data to a centralised location. Patient information can now be accessed remotely, accurately and immediately, however, with this shift to electronic data collection comes essential support for their infrastructure.

Purchasing / IT Managers have a set of strict, key requirements when considering equipment that can help with their day-to-day operations on wards and other areas.

These include:

Time Efficiency

Will the equipment save critical time, improve patient care and give access to patient information more quickly?

Patient Information Security

Can this data only ever be accessed by authorised personnel? Is it stowed away safely? Is there a risk of any data breach?

Ease of Transportation

Is the equipment versatile enough to be moved from ward-to-ward? Does this transportation increase the operational efficiency of the Hospital?

Utilisation of Space

Will ward space be compromised? Would it cause any health and safety issues such as trip hazards?

General Hygiene

Are the materials medically safe and easy to clean? Is it more clinical than pen and paper?

The Trusts operating these hospitals had been utilising mobile technology, including iPads and tablet computers for some time. As the rollout of tablet solutions became more popular, the demand to maintain and store these devices became more apparent. Southmead, Torbay, Torquay and Musgrove Park came to us to provide the solution.


The Multicharge team held detailed discussions, taking an empathetic approach was key to ensuring that all specific requirements were going to be met for all hospitals. Multicharge's experience also ensured that specialist questions were covered that are often overlooked by clients, potentially proving vital to hospital operations later. Devices needed to be used mainly by medical staff, usually held in nurses' stations. With patients' relatives and other personnel walking through, the devices need to be kept secure and cleaned using specialist medical cleaning products without surface damage.

The size of these units was also vitally important, based on where they were situated and generally ensuring that floor space wasn't being unnecessarily used up. In the very unlikely event of a breakdown or other issues, the team required peace of mind regarding warranty and a timely resolution to ensure effective operations are maintained. Multicharge knew they could deliver on all of these aspects.

multicharge Hospital storage


Multicharge and their clients concluded that a combination of Apple iPad tablet charging trolleys for ease of transportation, and cabinets for space-saving efficiency would best meet the hospitals' needs. This provided them with an ideal combination of compact and portable solutions for varying areas of the hospitals. All units were tailored and customized to match each specific requirement, something Multicharge have always been specialists with, ensuring the design was perfect for its environment. As well as this, all of Multicharge's charging units are designed and built in-house at their UK facility, ensuring unprecedented warranties and after-sales services are provided.


Trust managers and other decision-makers needed a company with a faultless history of reliability and flexibility. The manufacturing process, after-sales support, and the product itself fulfilled all requirements. Hospital staff were delighted to be able to charge their iPads and mobile devices quickly and store securely in bulk, freeing up important wall sockets, the surfaces were also easy to clean, ensuring all clinical environments were kept up to standard.

The Multicharge trolley range can be based in nurses' stations and ward receptions where easy access is required. They can also be wheeled from room to room, enabling medical staff to distribute and collect devices easily. The trolleys can be utilised in other environments such as GP surgeries, medical centres, and nursing or residential care homes.

Being well-suited to compact spaces, Multicharge cabinets can be mounted to a wall or placed on a desk. Providing a fixed point of access for multiple tablets, iPads and USB devices, charging cabinets are streamlined, very simple to use and easy to clean, helping minimising the risk of infection.

multicharge Hospital nhs tablet storage

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for nurse stations
  • Cleanable to reduce infection risk
  • Lockable for patient security
  • Rigorously tested to comply with UK safety standards
  • Easy access to each device - see when they are charged
  • Simple set-up with cable management
  • Energy efficient
  • We can tailor products to meet specific needs

multicharge nhs hospital charging trolley


  • Easily transport your iPads from one ward to another
  • Store and charge up to 32 tablets in one unit
  • Choose from different styles and colours

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charging cabinet


  • Compact unit, ideal for confined spaces such as nurses stations
  • Can be placed on the desktop or wall mounted
  • Available in a choice of colours and finishes

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multicharge Nurses station iPad cabinet

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