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Juggling the Endless Demands of the Hospitality Industry

High quality customer service is the sole objective and main focus of the hospitality industry. From ensuring clients' requests are dealt with quickly and accurately, to keeping on top of orders and general hospitality operations, there's lots to keep in check.

Savoy Hotel tablet charging

On the odd occasion, you may have come across a restaurant or venue (even some of the best in the world) that has adopted the use of iPads or other handheld devices. With the pressure faced with handling the high responsibility of hospitality, there’s certainly good reason for doing so, and it’s becoming more commonplace across the sector.

Some of the world’s most prestigious hospitality venues, including The Savoy London, Mandarin Oriental and Zuma Restaurant adopt Multicharge to improve guest experiences across the board.

multicharge tablet charging hospitality

London is a hotspot for excellence in the hospitality industry, these sector leaders all have one primary requirement in common: to improve their service from all angles of their facility.

In order to achieve this, various considerations included:

Communication Efficiency

Will the equipment enable devices to keep staff in the loop consistently around the clock with less downtime?

Quality of Guest Experiences

Can an improvement in communications and efficiency provide and an enhanced experience for guests and residents?

Operational Monitoring

Is the equipment going to enable management or supervisors to easily keep track of room maintenance or other similar aspects?

Overcoming Challenges to Improve the Sector

Many leading hospitality facilities and venues have approached Multicharge over the years, looking to add to and improve the service that their customers receive from all perspectives. The sole objectives for this type of application revolves around the idea of improving overall experiences for hotel guests and enhancing operations overseen by staff and management staff alike.

Devices could be used within the restaurants to speed up ordering processes, during hotel room maintenance to process requests, and provide enhanced communications across larger facilities in order to get tasks completed quickly.

Due to large scale operations involved in the industry, Apple iPads and other devices can be in use for prolonged periods. Therefore, a fast charging solution capable of handling high quantities of equipment is vital to ensuring a restaurant or hotel runs like clockwork.

Mandarin Oriental hotel tablet charging
Mandarin Oriental Hotel - London

The Preferred Solution

The majority of Multicharge clients in the hospitality sector find the Swiss-Series Trolley range is the solution of choice.

Along with its inherent charging capabilities of keeping iPads and other devices charged and ready for use around the clock, its versatility with regards to transport and security ticks the boxes required within a hectic, highly demanding environment that prioritises the fulfilment of guest expectations. High guest volumes make security a vital key feature, and the locking system of the Multicharge Trolley provides just that.


Venue managers and their stakeholders required a system that would indirectly improve the quality of guest experiences.

These fast-charging units ensure of a consistent quality of hospitality across the venue, without the fear of operations unexpectedly grinding to a halt. This resulting up-time rate has ensured customer requests can be fulfilled accurately and efficiently. Ease of transport has allowed trolleys to be manoeuvred to an area of the building that needs the most attention without being bulky and taking up corridor space whilst maintaining rooms.

Hotel and restaurant managers want the reassurance that inevitably comes with the experience, history, and reliability of Multicharge. From efficient lead times, unrivalled communication, and after-sales support. Multicharge are a prime example of an organisation that takes everything further than just the product itself.

Key Benefits:

  • Wipe clean surfaces for hygiene
  • Lockable for security
  • Rigorously tested to comply with UK safety standards
  • Easy access to each device - see when they are charged
  • Simple set-up with cable management
  • Energy efficient
  • We can tailor products to meet specific needs

multicharge nhs hospital charging trolley


  • Easily transport your iPads from one room to another
  • Store and charge up to 32 tablets in one unit
  • Choose from different styles and colours

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charging cabinet


  • Compact unit, ideal for confined spaces such as reception and dining areas
  • Can be placed on the desktop or wall mounted
  • Available in a choice of colours and finishes

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