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Products Trolleys Multicharge Swiss Charge & Sync Trolley for 32 iPads & Tablets

Multicharge Swiss Charge & Sync Trolley for 32 iPads & Tablets

  • Charge and Sync 32 tablets at the same time.
  • Transport tablets easily from room to room.
  • Charge a mix of tablets, with or without covers.
  • The smallest 32-bay charging trolley on the market.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Ideal for use in schools, hospitals and more.

To order, or for more information, please call 01275 858 477 or click here.

Charge and Sync Trolley for multiple tablets

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  • Charge Sync Trolley for iPad
  • Charge Sync Trolley for iPad
  • Charge Sync Trolley for iPad
  • Charge Sync Trolley for iPad

Say hello to the Swiss Charge & Sync Trolley from Multicharge - the smallest 32-tablet charging trolley on the market.

  • Full charging rate delivered to each tablet
  • Devices can be synced using iTunes® or Apple Configurator
  • Sleek and unobtrusive with a minimal footprint
  • Runs off a single power cord, so no power brick
  • Easy access to each tablet
  • Lockable door
  • Can be bolted or chained to the wall for extra security
  • LED lights show charge & sync status of each tablet
  • Includes USB cable management
  • Swivel and braked non-marking wheels
  • Can fit tablets with or without covers*

For tablets up to 10 inches Three year warranty Made in Britain

*If tablet covers are unusually large or have big handles, please check with us before you order

Tablet Charging Trolley
Swiss Series Tablet Charging Trolley

Speedy charge & sync.

Charge up to 32 tablets quickly and easily. With intelligent Cambrionix technology, all 32 tablets can be charged in roughly the same time as it would take to charge one. The trolley is suitable for any USB-chargeable tablet up to 10 inches in size, so whether you have 32 iPads or a mix of different tablets (including Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface) you can charge them all at once, with maximum charging power delivered to each device.

Syncing is also easy for tablets of the same make and can be carried out while charging is taking place. Simply hook up your Mac or PC to the trolley and open Apple Configurator, iTunes or any other syncing software to share ebooks, podcasts, videos and more. The simple way to manage content across multiple tablets.

Smart on the outside

Designed and manufactured in the UK with a stylish exterior and uniform material inside and out, the sleek, unobtrusive trolley complements the fittings and furniture of almost any working environment. It's also the smallest 32-bay charging trolley currently on the market with a minimal footprint, making it ideal for schools and hospitals.

...and the inside.

The trolley arrives fully assembled - just insert and connect your tablets, plug in to a power socket, and you're ready to go. The 180° fold-back door offers maximum access when you need it, and you can charge devices with the door open or shut. It's even suitable to be left on overnight so you can charge and sync ready for the day ahead.

Swiss Series Tablet Trolley

Cables fitted for free

Purchase a pack of 16 lightning-to-USB charging cables from Multicharge at the same time as your Multicharge trolley, and we will fit the cables for you, free of charge.

tablet trolley lock

Safety in numbers.

The Swiss trolley was designed for use in busy and varied locations. Schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and more. In environments such as these, security is important. That's why every Multicharge Trolley comes fitted with a digital lock, helping to keep your tablets safe and secure, even while charging. For even more security, the trolley can be bolted or chained to a wall.

On the move.

With swivel and braked non-marking wheels, a chunky aluminium handle and strong but lightweight construction, moving multiple tablets from room to room is a breeze. What's more, there's no need to drag around a clunky power brick, because unlike other charging trolleys, we've already thought of that, ensuring everything works from a single power cord.

Multicharge Digital Lock
Swiss Series Trolley Colours

Make it your own.

By default the trolley comes in beautiful white, however it can be supplied in a range of colours and wood-grain finishes too. It can even be customised with graphics with a vinyl wrapping, so if you are looking to promote your brand identity with a logo and graphics, or maybe you just need to add some text, the Swiss Trolley from Multicharge can adapt to your needs.

(Not sure what you need? Give us a call - we'd be happy to discuss your options at greater length.)

Technical specifications

Device type Any tablet up to 10 inches
E.g. iPad Air, iPad Mini, Google Nexus 10
Device capacity up to 32
Capability Charging + Syncing
Technology 2x Multicharge 1600R
Height (incl. wheels) 1070 mm
Width (incl. handle) 603 mm
Depth 387 mm
Weight (excl. tablets) 52 kg
Colour White
Custom colours, finishes and branding available on request.
Wheels 4 (2 locking)
Handle 1
Door opening angle 180 degrees
Digital lock Yes
Requirements For Syncing: Mac or PC plus syncing software such as Apple Configurator or iTunes
Warranty 3 years
Certification Charging station: CE, RoHS and WEEE certified

CE, RoHS and WEEE certified

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