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Energy Efficient, High Security Solutions for High Traffic within the Higher Education Sector

Quality of education and student experience is vital to the reputation of any university, especially Russell Group institutions that are consistently scrutinised. Whether it's transporting devices to another faculty within an extensive campus, to ensuring expensive iPads and other devices are kept secure when situated in public spaces, university staff are responsible for the longevity of equipment that directly affects education standards.

tablet charging university

Some of the UK's most prestigious institutions use Multicharge

The Universities of Exeter, Reading, the West of England, and many more have come to Multicharge to explore solutions for their infrastructure.

Management teams at universities have a strict set of guidelines when discussing procurement of various facilities and infrastructure. When it comes to a solution for Apple iPad and hand-held device maintenance, key considerations include:

Energy Efficiency

Can the equipment save energy, money, and the environment?


Will devices be safely kept in situ?

Ease of Transportation

Is the equipment easy to move to other faculties?

Uncovering how to Improve the Quality of Higher Education

It's becoming increasingly commonplace to see iPads, other portable devices and cloud systems being used across entire university campuses. From usage within lecture halls, to communal iPad/tablet facilities, having the infrastructure to maintain devices and ensure economical efficiency is crucial.

The high volumes of students and staff that make use of these portable devices on a daily basis is truly staggering. During a short period in which devices are not in use, a super-fast, highly efficient charging solution is required to ensure consistent operation without running out of charge at any time. As well as operational aspects, this high volume of use within public spaces leaves expensive equipment subject to theft - a system that provides full security is essential in such an environment. Practicality is also a key requirement of universities, and choosing equipment that can provide versatility through the ability to relocate infrastructure to where it's most needed is very important.

"We find the Multicharge charging cases work very well for us - very easy to transport and use, and our iPads are well protected. We use the cases for outreach events based at schools and to move devices to different areas of our large campus."

Hetty Upton - Outreach Officer University of Exeter

Ticking all the boxes for Universities

Depending on various requirements and locations in which devices will be situated, universities have opted to use anything from Multicharge Charging Cases to fully equipped Swiss-Series Charging Trolleys.

Charging Cases have been highly popular when transportation is key, moving portable devices, including iPads, off site to out reach events is a prime example. If portable devices are serving an entire faculty, universities opt for Charging Trolleys due to their high security and space saving efficiency, not to mention their super-fast charging capabilities.

Multicharge provide its customers with unprecedented warranties and after-sales support, having a UK based manufacturer providing a university's infrastructure is vitally important to maintaining quality of education and experiences for students.

tablet charging trolley for universities


The fast-charging capabilities of all Multicharge products can support around the clock uptime of iPads and other hand-held devices, ensuring all students can utilise the facility whenever required. Practicality and security is also vital within the higher education sector. Multicharge provides solutions that are effortlessly transportable in all configurations available, whilst being able to consistently situate the units in public spaces due to their doors being lockable and pin-coded.

Large campuses have a responsibility to ensure their infrastructure is environmentally friendly. Multicharge systems charge all devices efficiently, distributing power in the most effective way possible to save energy, money, and the environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast charging for around-the-clock uptime
  • Effortlessly transportable
  • Lockable and pin-coded for security
  • Wipe clean surfaces for hygiene
  • Compliant with UK safety standards
  • Easy access to each device - see when they are charged
  • Simple set-up with cable management
  • Energy efficient
  • We can tailor products to meet specific needs

multicharge charging trolley


  • Easily transport your iPads from one room to another
  • Store and charge up to 32 tablets in one unit
  • Choose from different styles and colours

View our trolley range »

charging cabinet


  • Compact unit, ideal for confined spaces
  • Can be placed on the desktop or wall mounted
  • Available in a choice of colours and finishes

View our cabinet range »

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