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Products Chargers Multicharge 1600R Charge & Sync Rack
Multicharge 1600 Rack Charger

1600R Charge & Sync 19-inch 3U Rack

  • Charge & sync up to 16 USB devices at the same time.
  • Fits all standard rack applications.
  • Mix & match any USB-chargeable device.
  • Ideal for music, film & TV specialists.
Free Delivery! Mainland UK. POA elsewhere.

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Free Delivery! Mainland UK. POA elsewhere.
  • Multicharge USB Charge and Sync Rack
  • multicharge Rack USB charger
  • multicharge 19 inch 3U rack charge and sync


Simultaneously charge up to 16 USB-chargeable devices in any combination. Optimal charging ensures that your connected devices receive the correct voltage at the optimum rate for each device, charging them in the quickest time according to the manufacturer's specification.

The Multicharge 1600R is great for charging multiple devices such as the iPhone, iPod and tablets and fits all standard rack applications, making it ideal for use in the entertainment industry, especially for concert staff. With just one power cable, you need never be lost for power sockets again.

Multicharge Rack 19 inch
USB multiple charger


The Multicharge 1600R also lets you sync devices capable of being synced so you can manage all your devices quickly and easily. Just connect your Mac or PC to the charger and your connected gadgets will be ready to sync. Fully compatible with iTunes, Apple Configurator and other syncing solutions.

With Cambrionix technology inside, the Multicharge 1600R allows most recent devices to charge and sync at the same time. This unique feature means you can leave devices to sync overnight or for long periods of time without worrying about the devices not being fully charged. Just one of many reasons to choose the Multicharge 1600R.

Key Features

  • Universal Charger

    Compatible with any USB-chargeable device, the Multicharge 1600R lets you charge, sync and manage multiple iPad tablets, iPod/MP3 players, smartphones, digital cameras and more.

  • Easily Sync

    Connect up your Mac or PC to sync up to 16 devices at once. Making things even easier, a steady trickle charge means you don't have to worry about your devices running out of power during the sync.

  • Mix & Match

    Charge up to 16 devices of the same type, or any combination of different devices - it's entirely up to you. As long as they are capable of being charged by USB, the Multicharge 1600R will charge them all.

  • Plug & Play

    The durable Multicharge 1600R arrives fully assembled. It's easy to set up, easy to use: just plug it in to a power socket and you are ready to go!

  • Superfast Charging

    With intelligence built in, the Multicharge detects the charging profile of each connected device to ensure that each charges at the optimum rate. Save time and resume your activities sooner than expected.

  • Energy Efficient

    Cut your power consumption and maximise battery efficiency. (16 iPads in a Multicharge = 3 amps. 16 iPads charged individually in a standard 13 amp socket = 8 amps.) Save energy, save money.

  • LED Status

    Each device's port has its own LED lights - red, green or yellow - letting you easily see when each device is charging, fully charged or ready to sync.

  • Future Proof

    Free firmware updates ensure that your Multicharge remains up-to-date with future products as and when they become available.

  • Safety

    Complies with all required British safety standards and independently CE, RoHS and WEEE certified.

  • Made in Britain

    Designed and manufactured in the UK using British engineering talent and with Cambrionix technology inside.

Technical specifications

Device type Any USB chargeable device
Device capacity up to 16
Form Factor 19 inch 3U Rack
Capability Charging + Syncing
Dimensions L x W x D 482 x 132 x 130 mm
Weight 3.63 kg
Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Cooling Built-in fan
Requirements For syncing: Mac or PC
Warranty 3 years
Certification Tested to the standards required for CE, RoHS and WEEE compliance

CE, RoHS and WEEE certified

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