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  • Charge & sync devices in different rooms from one location.
  • Can be used for peripheral devices, tablets and smartphones.
  • Ideal for remote management of tablets.

Sorry, this product is no longer available. Please see our other chargers or contact us.

EtherSync from Cambrionix

EtherSync is a network appliance which allows the remote management and full-rate charging of USB devices via GigaBit Ethernet.

Remote USB Charge & Sync

EtherSync from mobile technology company Cambrionix is a network attachable USB charge and sync device that allows USB devices to connect to an Ethernet network. EtherSync is available with multiple USB connections which can be used for peripheral devices, tablets, cameras and smartphones. As with other charging stations, EtherSync is universal and also offers a full 2.1A to each port simultaneously, providing full-rate charging for all USB chargeable devices. It offers fast data transfer over GigaBit Ethernet, built-in 2 port GigaBit Ethernet switch and there is also a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) option.

Ethersync Remote Tablet Charging

Full-rate charging, from a distance

EtherSync vastly extends the distance between the host computer and mobile device. Whereas reliable USB connections are typically 5m or below, with EtherSync the host computer can be placed anywhere on your LAN. One possible application of this would be a school environment where IT staff can remotely manage and update iPads in a trolley from their office rather than having to physically visit each trolley individually to perform OS or security updates. Another would be the remote management and charging of kiosk devices or point of sale terminals.

Ethersync-Remote Charge Sync

Save time, save money

With EtherSync you could significantly reduce costs and time by managing your USB device deployments remotely. Instead of using an expensive and vulnerable laptop to manage your devices, use EtherSync anywhere that Ethernet is available. You can also use existing, familiar tools such as Apple iTunes and Configurator. As with all Cambrionix products EtherSync comes with fully supported software and is updateable via firmware upgrades to ensure compatibility with new devices that are released to the market.

Key Features

  • Manage tablets from anywhere

    EtherSync enables the remote management of tablets using existing, familiar tools such as iTunesTM, Configurator and Android equivalents. Setup LAN and WAN management of your USB tablet deployments easily.

  • Large scale deployment

    EtherSync is designed for large scale deployments such as those within retail store fixtures. 500+ EtherSync can be connected to a LAN with each supporting up to 42 USB devices each.

  • Move tablet management to the IT dept!

    It can be used in areas where having a Mac or PC local to the USB devices is not practical e.g. public areas, restaurants, retail environments or schools.

  • Retrofit to existing systems

    EtherSync products can also be used to allow existing tablet management systems to be connected to an Ethernet network quickly, easily and safely.

  • Scalable

    Dual GigaBit Ethernet ports allow easy daisychaining of EtherSync units without an additional hub or network port.

  • Secure

    Using Ethernet to manage remote USB devices is easier to configure and less prone to hacking vs WiFi.

  • Safety

    UL Listed and CE tested to EN60950. Designed in Cambridge, UK and manufactured at Cambrionix's UL Audited manufacturers.

  • Future-proof

    Updateable via firmware upgrades to ensure compatibility with new devices that are released to the market.

Technical specifications

Product Code CBRX1132 (enclosed) / CBRX1132-C (component)
Device Type Universal and Future Proof
Number of Ports 2/4/8 Ports
Capability Charge + Sync
Power Supply (recommended) FSP-096-AHAN2
Current per Port 2.1A
EtherSync Dimensions 130 (L) x 105 (W) x 40 (H) mm
EtherSync Output Connectors Standard USB-A Type receptacle. Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports
Delivered as Fully enclosed unit or component


EtherSync is available as a 2, 4 or 8 port unit.

  2 Port 4 Port 8-Port
Input Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Input Current 2.5A 5A 8A
Input Connector 4-pin mini din
Output Voltage Per Port 5.2V max
Output Current Per Port 2.1A 2.1A 2.1A
Output Power (Total) 21.84W 43.68W 87.36W

Power Supply

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) is available on the 2 and 4 port units. A power supply unit can be provided if required (PSU not required with PoE option). Power supply specs as follows:

  2 Port 4 Port 8-Port
Input Voltage 85~246V AC
Input Current 3.5~115V AC
Input Frequency 47~63Hz 47~63Hz 47~63Hz
Input Connector C14 C14 C14
Output Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Output Current 2.5A 5A 8A
Output Power 30W 60W 96W
Output Connectors 4 pin mini din

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