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Move Forwards with Portable Device Management in Healthcare

Published: 18 August 2020 Healthcare

portable device management in healthcare

Cost efficiency, space saving and technological advancements are some of the key objectives within NHS Trusts across the United Kingdom. Trying to find a balance in the modern world, especially with costs increasing and equipment improving, is becoming forever more challenging.

Integrated all-in-one solutions that are capable of handling multiple administrative tasks are becoming an increasing trend on wards and other departments. At Multicharge, we have been providing the ultimate solution for some of the leading hospitals incorporating the latest technologies.


Occupancy and demands can change within moments in the healthcare industry, having the ability to move infrastructure to an area where it's most needed is highly beneficial. Multicharge Swiss-Series Trolleys have the capacity to hold up to 32 iPads or other portable devices, whilst remaining versatile and light enough to be transported to another area of the hospital. Having the facility to supply infrastructure to departments that currently need it most improves the overall healthcare provided, whilst allowing for a cost-effective solution that can adapt to everyday challenges faced within healthcare.

Intuitive Interfaces

As we all know, communication is vital to the successful operation of all organisations, and healthcare is definitely no exception.

There's nothing worse than going to pick up a mobile device and finding a blank screen because it's run out of charge. In the healthcare industry, time can save lives, and Multicharge's intuitive charging interface prevents staff from using devices with insufficient charge.

Easy to understand and quickly readable charge status LEDs are displayed on the face of Multicharge units. Being numbered to correspond with the slot a tablet device is stowed within, the charging status of each device can be quickly checked at a glance whilst walking past the trolley. Save time and improve efficiencies, going digital doesn't have to add complications.

Ease of Access

Structure and procedures are vital to streamlined and time efficient operations within the healthcare industry. Small margins soon add up and precious time can quickly become critically wasted.

Having a centralised hub to quickly stow devices that hold important information means everyone is aware of their whereabouts. No longer will staff find themselves searching around for paperwork or devices in order to do their job effectively. It seems like an obvious aspect, but we regularly receive briefs that detail such issues from healthcare facilities. Keep your ward running like clockwork!

The Technology Itself

As we've mentioned, time is of the essence within healthcare, and the technology of Multicharge ensures that those demands are met. Unlike others, Multicharge systems can charge 32 iPads or tablets just as quickly as one through detecting charge profiles. Operational stress no longer needs to be magnified when devices are being used more frequently, you can continue around the clock knowing your devices will never let you down. Operate with confidence.

The Multicharge Way

Multicharge can provide charging and sync cabinets and trolleys for up to 32 tablet computers as well as other portable devices. Its highly secure, easily transportable, space efficient, and chemically inert properties make Multicharge products the units of choice for the healthcare sector. Multicharge products detect the charging profile of each connected device to deliver charge at the optimum rate, ideal where time is vital within a healthcare setting. Cut your power consumption and maximise battery efficiency at the same time. Save your hospital energy, money and help save the planet.