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Digital Bedside Data: Paperless Records and Improving Patient Safety is the Future

Published: 29 May 2020 Healthcare

paperless healthcare

NHS Trusts, private healthcare providers, GP surgeries, and many other related services are slowly making the change over to a fully paperless digital data management system.

It's understandable that this can be a timely process; from considering costs, managing the transition from start to finish, as well as factors such as staff training and much more. It is no wonder there tends to be hesitation in adapting to the inevitable.

In another of our healthcare blogs we will discuss the above issues in more detail, and how the perceived challenges are not as substantial as healthcare professionals believe. However, what are the real benefits once your hospital, GP surgery, or other healthcare facility gets over the line with going digital?

Enhanced Communications

Cloud technology isn't really anything new in the world of business and other industries, it's slowly becoming the central point that many organisations operate around in order to get their day to day tasks complete. As the healthcare industry moves operations over to a digital platform, how do cloud communications improve efficiency?

It's the same principle as using Dropbox™ to save and access personal files anywhere, with cloud data, healthcare professionals can access patient information remotely and instantaneously anywhere within the hospital. The benefits here speak for themselves, saving time through not having to manually pass data on is an obvious one, as well as improving patient care due to being able to respond quickly to any potential health risks associated with a patient's condition. Streamlining your data management could see huge increases in efficiency, from operations on wards to interdepartmental communications, speed up your processes.

Save Time

From a simplicity point of view, having patient information on a tablet or other device enables straight-forward, highly-legible information to be accessed, whilst chronological information is easier to follow with a simple swipe to scroll in order to evaluate the situation. Time saved from simple tasks soon add up in hospitals, especially those serving whole cities, not to mention removing any uncertainty from handwritten records that could slow operations down further.

Infinite Accessibility

Not only is it the technology itself that improves hospital operations and patient care quality, it is the removal of issues that paper records can potentially cause. It is highly unlikely, but patient information or results can sometimes get misplaced, causing further backlogs for nursing staff that are already overwhelmed. Not only this, deterioration of paper records over time is inevitable, from rough handling to bedside mishaps such as spillages, keep them safe, go fully paperless and ensure infinite accessibility.

Superior Security

Moving data over to a digital management system means encrypted, fully secure patient information that can only be accessed by the personnel that should be doing so. Tablet computers as well as other portable devices can also be stored in supporting security cabinets or trolleys that ensure the devices themselves are not subject to theft. Paper data always runs the risk of being lost, damaged or ending up in the wrong hands, going digital solves these risks in one fell swoop!

Improve Hygiene

Removing paper (within reason) from your hospital or other healthcare facility enhances hygiene throughout, going digital provides a streamlined, chemically inert, wipe clean, and generally safer environment for all staff and patients. Improving ward hygiene, however minimal, is something that needs to be consistently evaluated, especially in the modern-day healthcare climate.

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